How to earn money from OLX | make huge money from | olx money making tricks

How to earn money from OLX | make huge money from | olx money making tricks

How to make money from olx

Hey guys in this article we will learn about new techniques to earn money from olx.These techniques are real and amazing and it actually works. This trick can make you rich. You can say that this trick is better than affilate marketing of amazon.

Keep reading this article because this article can really help you to make money online with the help of olx. Make huge money form

What is olx ?

Guys olx is the website where you can sell your products and buy second hand as well as new hand products . Second hand product means products that are used for some days weeks or months. If you have any product that you want to sell , then you can start selling your product on olx and quicker. These two are trending websites that allows you to sell products on your own prize. But olx is my favourte website that. Relly helps me.

How we can make money from olx ?

Now question comes that how we can make money on olx. Guys in order to make money you have to follow some easy steps. And believe me these steps are secret , still no one knows about this trick.So i am revaling my own trick with you please support me .

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Tricks to earn money from olx.

  • Trick number 1.

In this trick you have to buy product from amazon . Your product should be atleast of 500 rupees {Rupees is indian currency}. Now after buying product list your product on quicker or olx to sell. Now its time to put price of our product.You buyed this product at rs 500 right , so we have to sell it at rs 650. It means that we can earn huge amount of money by using this trick.

Try to buy products during seasons. This will give you more discount and you can earn enough money when price get increased. So guys this was my first trick to earn mojey form olx . Olx is the best place to make comission.

  • Trick number 2.

Guys in this trick we have sell those products which are not with us but still people wants to sell . I mean that you have to tell your friends that you can sell their products at high price. Suppose your friend has guitar and he wants to sell his guitar at rs 600 then tell him that you can sell his guitar at rs 800 and also tell him that you will take comission. So you can take comission of rs 200 or 150 from your friends and family members. This is just like job for you all guys.

Believe me you can make huge money from olx. This is latest trick and always use this trick to make money. I use olx because amazon affilate program does not give enough commission.


Hope you all guys have learned to make money online from olx and quicker. Quicker is also a good platform but , olx is better than quicker. Guys make money now from quicker and olx. Earn huge money now.

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