Best html editor for android [ 2019 ]

Best html editor for android

Best html editor for android

Best html editor for android -To run website and to make android application it is veey important to learn html coding.
Full form of html is Hyper Text Markup Language . It is a special type of language which are only edited by using Html editors. Before 4 years it was not possible to edit html codes on android , But now we can edit html coding on our android phone. Yes you heard right , we can edit our html codes on our android phone.
There are many good applications avilable in playstore , but i am going to tell you one of the best html editor app for your android smartphone.

Best html editor for android

The name of this application is notepad++ . This application was first made to use on computer but now we can use it on our android application. This is really amazing application . I will give you complete information about this app below.
If you are blogger or app developer then withoud computer or laptop you can easily edit your html coding on your android phone.

Importance of Html editor

Html coding is not easy, this is a special type of markup language that is easily understandable to machines.Computer understands machine languages so it is very important to learn coding if you want to become app developer or web designer. Websites are designed with the help of coding . You can not design website without coding. Similarly in order to make any android application it is very important to know html language. All android applications are made by diffrent html scripts. Wishing websites which you see , are specially designed to wish and share. You will not find any other thing on that website. So this was the importance of html editor.

Features  of  Notepad++

Here are awesome features of notepad++
This application has amazing features like -
Line numbers
Syntax highlight
Content warpping
Use monospace
Read only
Font size
Opt out user experience

Extra options

Accessory view
Use of storage excess framework
Keyboard suggestions
Auto save
Ignore back button
Split the text if too long
Send error report

Other information about Notepad++ Android app

Guys this application is based on Open pad turbo editor. This application is designed by Github . This application is specially designed to edit html codes.
Version of this application is 2.3 - IAP
.This is the best application made by Github. This application is avilable on playstore with more than 100,000 downloads. Application has many awesome features . This app is good for those people who want to make their own application with the help of android smartphone. It is really awesome and helpful app. Idea of Github is really appriciating. I thank Github for making this awesome and helpful application.

What this application offers
Guys this application cotains ads. This application is not add free and if you want to remove ads you have to buy their plan. But guys i recommend you not to buy their plan because this app only shows ads when your net connection is on. If you use this app offline then this app will not irritate you. But if you want to buy its premium app you can buy. There will be no ads if you buy premium plans.

This app has two plans

Best html editor for android

1. Monthly subscription
If you activate monthly subscription then
you will get unlimited excess without any ads. But you have to renew every month.
Price - $0.99
2. Lifetime subscription
If you activate lifetime subscription then will get full time excess . There will be no ads and you dont have to reniew it  every month. You can use it all lifetime.
Price - $4.99
Second package is good , with the help of this pakage you can use it lifetime without any disturbance.
Logo of the application -

Conclusion -
Hope you like this article " Best html editor for android "guys . I suggest you to use this application because this app is really awesome and helpful. You must try this application . If you dont know how to code then with the help of this application you can learn coding. This application has also amazing features so try it once.

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