Free seo tools are safe or not ? 2019 Ranking Factors

Free seo  tools are safe or not ?

Free seo tool

Free seo tools are safe or not?
Hi guys I am going to tell you about free SEO tools. Are these free SEO tools safe for your website?
Friends there are many type of SEO tools available in the market. Friends many of these SEO tools are fake, they gives us fake results. you have to stay away from this type of fake tools these tools can decrease your traffic and it will be difficult for you to rank properly on Google.
If you want to rank on first page of Google then you have to stay away from this type of fake tools you have to choose best free SEO tool in order to rank on the top of Google.

how to select best free SEO tool ?

Friends simply search on Google free SEO tools , after searching free SEO tool you have to open first three website .After opening first three website you have to examine this websites one by one .Guys now what you have to do is just go for backlink checker.
Now check backlinks on these three websites .You have to examine these three websites properly ,whether these websites are working properly or not.
Check results of these three websites and go for the best results ,those websites which are giving you best results related to your website are genuine.

Disadvantage of free seo tools ?

Friends  free SEO tool will never give you proper result.It becomes difficult for us how to find out whether these tool are safe or not.If you want your website to run well, then you have to work very hard on yourself.If you work hard, you will definitely get your results.

Any website, no matter how big it is, if it is free, will never give you a good result.
If you really want to take your website even further, then you have to pay good attention to your content, you have to focus on the content which is very trending recently.

Best free SEO tool ?
See friends, there are many websites in the market that help us in many different types of SEO.The tool I mostly use is smallseotool.
Friends, this tool gives us the best results if you search on any topic. Suppose if you are searching for grammar, if you want to check the grammar of your website well then you too Can use this tool.
In this tool you can do many things like checking the back link of your website, checking the grammar of the article of the post written in your website or turning a photo into a text.

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