How to fix coverage issue on google webmaster

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How to fix coverage issue on google webmaster

How to fix coverage issue on google webmaster:
Fix your coverage issue just in few seconds. Learn diffrent issues on webmaster tool.

Google webmaster tool is the oldest tool of google and i think it is tye best tool for seo ( search engine optimization ). If you dont know about google webmaster tool then continue reading this article . I will explain you everything one by one.

What is Google Webmaster tool ?

Guys , google webmaster tool is the best tool where you can index your pages . Google webmaster tool sometimes automatically index your pages and post . It makes your work more easy. It helps you to rank easily on google. There you can easily get an option for Sitemap. You can submit  sitemap for your website on google webmaster and you can easliy rank on google. If you will not submit sitemap file then google can not read your post and pages properly . This may affect your ranking. In google webmaster tool you can easiky track your performace .You can easliy know about your ranked keywords ,CTR, Average postion and many more.

Google webmaster tool is the best tool for Seo .
Soo guys you must add property on google webmaster .

Now lets come on our main topic - "how to fix index coverage issue".
Guys it is very easy to fix index coverage issue. Guys in google webmaster you get an option for coverage . If you have coverage issue with warnings then dont be afraid  because coverage issue mostly occurs when robots.txt  unable to read your post label or any category.
Guys It is important to index posts and pages . It is not important to index label or any category . So if you get any kind of coverage issue related to labels then dont be afraid because it is not important to index labels . so be cool and simply click on fix button.
Google automatically detects your problem and it will fix within 3 to 4 days.

  • NOTE - if you get any kind of error in your coverage  then it becomes important to fix it because it may affect your ranking. It can reduce your traffic. So you have to solve all kind of error . And it is very easy. Simply you have to click on the URL below  ( URL that has error ) . You will come to know about that error. Now examine what type of error you get. You will get your answer there only. Simply click on fix , Boom! your problem is now solved.

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