Worlds best free backlink checker tool [ 2019 ]

Best free Backlink checker tool

Best free Backlink checker tool

hi guys if you are searching for free backlink checker tool then this article is for you . Here i am going to share my personal experience about backlink checker and backlink watch tool.
Backlink is one of the most important factor to rank on google as well as on bing.  Without backlinks you can not increase your DA and PA of your website.
I will tell you how i check my backlinks on best tools without any investment. I am blogger since 2016 and i have learnt many new things related to backlinks and tools. I will share my all methods to use tools and yeah now we will discuss about free backlink checker tool.

Importance of backlink checker tool 

Importance of backlink checker tool

Guys you all know that backlinks are very important for ranking , for reducing spam score , for performace , etc. It is very important to check backlinks because day by day many visitors come to our website and chances of spamming also increases , so in order to check spam score and domain rating it is very important to use backlink checker tool.
Read full article to learn importance of backlink and i will tell you about best free top backlink checker tool.

How to increase DA and PA of website ?

If you want to increase your DA you have to make backlinks realted to your blog URL . Make sure that your backlinks are do follow . Do follow makes easy to increase DA of your website. It also decreases spam score of your website . Backlinks helps to decrease spam score.

Now if you want to increase PA of you website you have to create backlinks related to your post. This can be both do follow and no follow. Backlinks are really very important for website. It acts as backbone of website . As we all know wirhout backbone we can not do anything similarly without backlink we can not do anything perfectly on aur website.

Guys there are many backlink checker tool avilable on the market . But we can not believe on these Free Backlink checker tool. The best Backlink Checker tool is Ahrefs tool  . This tool is not free but for checking backlinks you can use it for free. You can see your backlinks for free on free backlink checker of ahrefs tool. This process is really simple and fast.

backlink checker of ahrefs tool

steps to use ahrefs  tool for free

1 open your browser
2 Search backlink checker ahref tool
3 Click on first result ( ahref web )
4 You will get an option to write your web name .
5 click on it and paste your URL.
6 Now you have to fill capcha box .
7 After that click on get backlinks
8 Now backlinks of your website are in the front of you

So guys in this way you can easily check backlinks from worlds best backlink checker tool for free. This will really help you to analyze your website. You will come to know that how much your backlink is do follow and how much is nofollow. Believe me guys ahrefs tool is really awesome tool  to rank on google.

ahrefs tool backlink check

Agref tool is paid but some of its tools are free. So you can take advantage of these tools. Ahrefs tool's price starts from 99$ per month ( about 7000 rupees ). This is biggest and famous tool . You can Search about its DA and PA . It is really amazing tool.

How to reduce spam score ?

How to reduce spam score ?

Guys you can easily remove spam score by creating backlinks . You have to link your website whose DA and PA is high. Make sure that the website in which you are creating backlink has less spam score . Its spam score should be less than 1%. Try to create do follow backlink , because it will help you to reduce your spam score fastly. Everywhere backlink is important and it is the most important factor to rank on google.

Why not other free backlink checker tool ?

Guys there are plenty of backlink checker tool avilable on market. I tested these free backlink checker tool and i found that these tools does not gives 100% result . Its 60% results are fake and it is difficult to believe that 40% of the results are true. Dont use free tools , it is because these tools never give perfect results. If you are new in the field of blogging and if you can buy paid tool then i reccomend you to use Ahref tool. This will make your blogging easy and it will also help you to rank your blog posts.
If you can not buy paid tools then you can use free tools , but you have to analyze these tools first and then you can use.
Do go always for free products , try some paid products too if you seriously want to become a blogger.


i hope your problems are now solved guys, Linkback checker or backlink checker is really important for our website and posts. So the best free backlink checker tool is ahref tool. This is amazing tool you must use this tool guys . It will really help you to rank on google . Believe me this tool is really best and famous. I am recommending this tool because this tool helped to rank and reduce spam score.
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