SSL Certificate Complete Guide and register ssl certificate free

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SSL Certificate complete guide 

Know what is ssl certificate and how to add your website on cloudflare for free. Get full information about - ssl certificate free,ssl certificate check,ssl certificate checker,

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For proper ranking it is very important to secqure your website. You have to take care of your website.

How you will prove your visitors that your is website is safe , it does not steal any kind of information . In order to make your website safe and secqure you have to install SSL certificate on your website. This will make your website safe , secqure and easy to use. There are many diffrent types of websites that provide
SSL certificate , but you have to buy SSL certificate from trusted website.

What is SSL certificate ?

This is a type of Certificate that makes your website safe and secqure . It protects your your website from attackers . It helps in SEO ( Search  Engine Optimization )
If your website has SSL certificate then google automatically ranks your website. Safe and secqured website are always ranked on the top .

How to get SSL certificate ?

There are various methods to get SSL certificate . You can get it by free method or by paid method .

Paid method -
You can easily buy SSL certificate from your trusted domain seller .
You can buy SSL certificate from Godaddy , Hostgator , bigrock,  CloudFlare , etc. Cloudflare is mostly trusted website for SSL certificate.

Add SSL certificate for free
you can register SSL certificate for free on cloudflare .This is the best website that provides free SSL certificate. This website increses the speed of your blog .This is the wonderful website where you can create SSL certificate for your website and make it fast.

How to add website on Cloudflare ( SSL Certificate )

It is very easy to register SSL certificate on cloudflare . Follow my steps below -

  • Create account on cloudflare.
  • Enter your website URL
  • click to continue
  • It will check your DNS record again press continue.
  • You will get 2 Nameservers, copy it.
  • open you domain cpanel
  • Click on nameservers
  • Remove old nameserver and add new one
  • Your SSL certificate will be activated within 72 hours.

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