5 Important rules to rank your blog

5 Important rules to rank your blog

5 Important rules to rank your blog 
 I am going to explain  you how you can rank your blog post by following some rules. . So guys what you have to do is , read this post carefully till end because i am going to solve all your problems right now.

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See why people always suggest for seo tools ? Reason behind this is Seo tools makes easy to find keywords , backlinks , It makes easy to track impressions, Page CTR and many more. Now you might be thinking thst why i am telling you about this , it is because i am going to tell you 5 easy steps that will help you to rank on first page of google . Read this article carefully and follow my steps .

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Step no. 1 - Words limit
write 2000 words to rank

You have to write your article as long as you can . Atleast 2000 words you have to write , this will help you to rank on google easily. Before ranking your post google counts words of blog post . Article which has maximum words ranks always on first page.

Step no. 2 - Keywords

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Use atleast 10 keywords on your post . Dont use more than 10 keywords . Maximum use of keywords makes your post unfit for ranking.
Proper placement of keywords - one keyword should be on your title , second keyword should be on your search discription. Use 3 keywords inside image , two keywords in the middle of post and 2 keywords at the end of post .

Step no. 3 - Label and Use of Custom Permalink

Label your post properly and always use custom permalink. Your custom permalink should be unique and it should contain keywords . This helps google to rank and read it properly .
Label will work as keyword for your blog post and it will also help your visitors to know about your posts.

step no.  4 - Creating Backlinks

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Create Backlinks of your post . There are many websites where you can easily create do follow and no follow backlinks. You have to create atleast 10 backlinks in order to rank on 1st page of google .This plays important role if you want to rank. So create backlinks as much as you can.

Step no. 5 - Sharing on Pintrest

Share your post on groups of facebook. There are diffrent kinds of pages and groups are there. Share your post on pintrest . Have you ever noticed that post from pintrest also rank on google . so use pintrest as much as you can.

For visitors -
Hope this article helped you . Use this steps to rank on 1st page of google with these seo tools. Try these steps it definately works guys. Thank you for reading this article.

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