5 best blog ranking tips [ 2019 ]

5 best blog ranking tips [ 2019 ]

5 best blog ranking tips [ 2019 ]

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Here i am going to talk about 5 tips with the help of which you can easily rank your blog post. I am going to share my own secret tips with you. Please follow my steps properly .Dont do any mistake otherwise you will not be able to rank it properly.

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Here are

5 tips that can rank any blog post

Here are 5 important tips for you. These tips will help you to rank. Follow my steps properly.

  • Name your image properly - 

Before uploading your image on blog you have to set name of your image. For example if you are writing post about how to earn money online then , you have to rename your image  before uploading and you have to use keyword on your image. Use copyright free images. Make sure your image quality should be high .Dont use low quality images. Good quality images helps your blog to rank. Use title text and alt text on your image . Alt text and title text plays an important role in order to rank any post.

  • Proper keyword placement on your blog -

Use atleast 3 keywords on your search discription . You have to enable option for search discription and after enabling it write discription in about 200 words . Try to use atleast 3 keywords on your discription . If you use more than 3 keywords then it may affect your position. There is limit for every thing so dont use above that limit. Try to highlight your keyword, your keyword should be neat and clean. Use ranked keywords on your blog post.

  • Use of line break on blogger -

Third trick is really very important . I think many of you dont know about this trick .Dont worry i am telling you , so guys what you have to do is - you have to use line break . After writing title and discription use 1 line break. This helps in Seo.
Example - if you had written about seo tips and if anyone search - seo tips then your blog post will be on top 10 list.

  • Use of high quality backlinks -

You have to use high quality backlinks. stay away from low quality backlinks because this will reduce quality of your domain. Try to create backlink on those website that has atleast 100 rating and has atleast 100 post .You can easily rank your website by creating high quality backlinks. Google examine your post after uploading , if your post has maximum nubmber of backlinks then your post will rank easliy.

  • Use of Heading Subheading and minor heading on blog -

Use of heading, sub heading and minor heading . I think you know what is heading , sub heading and minor heading . So if you want to rank on first page of google then you have to use proper subheading , heading and minor heading . Blogger gives you option to use sub heading , heading and minor heading. You have to use this feature properly because this plays important role in order to rank any blog post. Your heading should be clear and easily readable.

  • Conclusion -

So guys these were 5 best blog ranking tips [ 2019 ]
Hope you like this article guys, thanks for giving time for my article.

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