Free top level hosting for life time [ 2019 ]

Free top level hosting for life time

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If you want free hosting for lifetime then read this article till end . I am going to solve your problem right now .Hosting is important part of the website . Without any hosting it becomes difficult to rank any website.
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Top level Hosting for lifetime -

Hosting are of diffrent types like cloud hosting , linux hosting etc. Each hosting has its own unique feature .

If you are a student and dont have enough money to buy hosting then i will provide free top level hosting . With the help of this free hosting you can easily rank your website on 1st ten pages of google . There are many diffrent types of powerful hosting in the market . Their prices depends upon their speed . The hosting I am going to tell is really superb and if you want to rank on google then this will be best and easy for you.

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I am using this host since 2016 .The name of my favourate hosting is Blogger . Blogger is the best and free product of google . It becomes easy to rank any blog post if you are connected with blogger . It is because Blogger is the free and top product of google where you can easily create your free website. Blogger is the fast and secqure hosting . It is now known for the best hosting because you dont have to spend any money here.

Just buy your domain name from best domain seller and connect it with blogger. If you want to buy domain then you can also buy from google . It will make more easy to rank on first page of google because both are products of google.

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 how to connect website with blogger?

It is very easy to connect any website with blogger, Follow my steps to conncet your website -

  • 1.Login to your blog.

  • 2. Click on settings and then click on basic settings.

  • 3.You will find your free URL there , click on setup third party URL.

  • 4. Now you have to write your full domain name with www .

  • 5. You will get host name and target , copy that host name and target . ( Note Ip adress from setting instructions )

  • 6. Login to your domain Cpanel and click on  DNS management .

  • 7. Create two CNAME record and four A record .

  • 8. Paste your target and host on CNAME and IP adress on A record.

  • 9. Come back to blogger and click on save.

  • 10. You are now connected to blogger.

Hope you enjoyed this article. I think now you got your free top level hosting for lifetime. Thank you for reading this article.

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