Success story of Byju Raveendran


Success story of Byju Raveendran

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Byju raveendran

Success story of byju raveendran  - Hello Friends Have you ever seen a teacher becoming a billionaire? If not then read this article till the last. Today we are going to tell you the motivational story of a teacher.
This story is absolutely true and this story has been told by the same teacher.

I have never imagined that a teacher can also become a billionaire. This feat has been made possible by Kerala's teacher Byju Raveendran.
There are plenty of big coaching instutites in nine cities of Byju Raveendran Where children are reminded and explained with the help of different types of smart devices. He himself encourage his childrens. His institute are declared as no 1 coaching institutes of india. Let's all know and understand from the beginning -

Byju raveendran's childhood -
He was initially an engineer. His early education was from the village of Kerala. People from there says that  in his childhood when he gets boared, he used to play football.
But he used to study regularly at home.
He became engneeir but he could not get job of engneeir , after few days
,He became a teacher. People appriciated his teaching, and everyone advised him to open his coaching center. He opened coaching center in a city of kerela. His coaching institute became popular and he opened coaching institutes in 9 cities.
He had to travel daily, he would complete the journey of 9 cities in 1 week. He worked hard and he  made websites and apps so that students can easily prepare for big competitive exams. This made him more popular and now goverment of India appriciated his work.

He worked hard thats why he got success . so guys if you want to become a billionare you also have to work hard and you have to think positive.

Hope this article motivated you,
Thank you.

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