25 Best Topics For Blogging , 25 niches for blogging

25 Best Topics For Blogging , 25 niches for blogging

Learn blogging easily
Here are 25 best topics for blogging with complete information and guide . Read this article carefully till end and follow the steps.
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Here are 25 best topics for blogging , 25 niches for blogging

Web developing -

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If you are good in web developing then you can write about web developing . Web developing is the famous word among teenagers because in todays time everyone wants to create website to earn money.

Web designing -

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You can also write about web designing , there is lack of web designing tutorials on google . If you can write about this topic then i am sure one day you will get success . This is mostly searched topic on google.

Affilate marketing -

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Affilate marketing is a type of marketing where you get commission for selling product  by sharing affilated links. You can earn double money if you write about affilate marketing . You can earn money from affilated websites and also from adsence.

Painting tips and tricks -

best painting tips, best tricks , best drawing tips,

if you are good in painting and if you can write well on this topic then you can earn lot of money . Because there is lack of Blogs on this topics . You can share tricks and tips related to this topic ( painting ).

Beautiful places -

beautiful places, beautiful places pics

There are many diffrent beautiful places in this world . You can write many articles on your blog . These types of blogs  rank easily on google.
You can add beautiful pictures of those places to make your blog more attractive . Try to add keywords as much as you can.

Travelling -

travelling pics , travel tips, travel blog

If you know well about this topic then you can start your blog . You can also write about trains , flights or buses on your blog . I mean you can tell them that these sources are comfortable to travel .

Home decoration -

 If you are housewife or if you are student and if you know well about decoration then blogging is best platform for you to express your ideas . About 1 lakh searches are there on google about this topic . You can share tips and images in order to rank on first page of google or other search engines.

Famous peoples -

You can write about famous peoples like Virat kohli , vaijender singh , The rock etc or you can write about famous writers , famous influencers , famous beauticians etc. This is unique topic for blogging and i am sure you can earn huge amount of money with the help of this topic.

Handwriting tutorials -

If you can make diffrent handwritings then you can share tips to make better handwritings , or many other tips related to handwriting . You can write 2000 words easily on this topic and rank on 1st page of google. I have diffrent ideas related to this topic , i will share it on my next post.

Story blog -

if you are good in writing stories and slogens then start your blogging career now because there is lack of new stories on google . Try to write your story in diffrent languages. This will help you to rank easily on google .

Guitar lessions -

 If you are a guitarist and if you want to earn more money then i reccommend you to start blogging . Blogging will increase your income . You can share Paid tutorials on your blog. Guitarist can earn easily on blogger once adsence account is approved.

Clothing -

You can suggest best branded clothes on your blog . You can write tips related to clothing . But you have to decorate your profile beautifully to attract more visitors. This topic can change your life because it is always on trend. You can share tips for men and women.

Beauty -

If you are beauty expert and if you want to earn money with the help of your blog then you can start your blogging carrer in this topic. You can recommend beauty products to your visitors and also you can sell your products there. There are many ways for selling, its upon you how you want to sell.

Songs -

You can write lyrics of songs or you can share download links of latest songs . You can share regular updates of songs . Also you can write about singers and their singing styles.

Movies -

Like songs you can share latest movie trailors on your blog . You can also share download links and many other things like actors and actress names of a particular movie. you can write about both hollywood and bollywood movies. You can also write about Most viewed  and movies with highest rating.

Domain selling -

You can sell domains on your blog . Domain selling is the biggest marketing platform where you can earn 10 times more than affilate marketing . It is the most popular marketing. You can share your tips and tricks on your blog or you can sell

Blog templates -

You can write many articles related to blogger templates . For example you can write tips to use blog templates , best responsive templates , best seo friendly templates and about many other topic you can write. This is trending topic and people are daily searching about this topic.

Schools -

You can write about famous schools , best schools , you can share tips for school and tecahers , etc. You can write plenty of articles on this topic.

Android tips and tricks -

This is one of the best topic for blog , but there is 50% more competetion on this topic. This topic can make you millionare. If you can write proper articles then you can earn large amount of money. This topic is mostly searched on google.

Gaming -

This is also one of the popular topic among students . About 25 lakh searches are there on google daily.
Tips and tricks about gaming are mostly searched on google so if you want to rank on 1st position , you gave to work hard .

5 Star Hotels -

You can write about beauty of 5 star hotels , its prices , its rules and many more. This is unique topic to start blogging. You can share links for booking hotels , if you give discount to your visitors,  i am sure 1 day you will become millionare.

Famous actress or actors -

you can write about hollywood actors or bollywood actors . You can easily gemrate traffic from social sites .It is beacuse These topics are mostly shared on facebook , whatsapp , instagram and many other social netwarking sites.

Health -

You can give health tips on your blog . You can tell about excercises . You can write many articles on your blog if you choose these topics .This topic is famous and mostly searched.

Education -

If you want to share some useful educational tips or if you can teach people then you can start your blog on this topic . But you have to take liscence in order to run educational website. If you are student then also you can start.

Blogging -

If you are a blogger and if you know well about blogger then you can share tips related to blogging. For example you can write about Blog ranking , seo tips etc. It is the best topic to start blogging.

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